Photography is the closest I can get to combining my love for the outdoors and for design.IMG_3927_bop_web300

I am thankful photography gives me an opportunity to capture families and farms in southern Iowa.

My husband and I met the summer before my last year of college at a hometown softball game. He was on a summer preaching internship at a country church in a neighboring town. I didn’t know it at the time, but being friends with him was a turning point in my life. Brian loved and respected me most when I was being myself, helped point things out that he saw in me, and was described by a friend as someone who, “has strong hands and a soft heart.” He shared my love of the outdoors and a love for good design. He also is from Iowa. I would not be doing photography without his encouragement. When we moved back, I picked up the camera.

I work best where the technical and creative meet. I love mathematics, science and physics, but can’t get away from composition and creative expression. Photography, requiring a little technical ability to capture light, as well as creative ability to see light, fits me.

After moving back to rural Iowa, I was reminded of my love for the landscape here. Iowa experiences the fullness of all four seasons perfectly, and I love the deep cold spells and extreme heat that force us to slow down. Iowa is an exceptional place to live, and whether its the refined streets and legacy of Pella’s Tulip Time, the rough-around-the-edges Missouri State line, or underestimated beauty of the Mississippi River, I love it all. The river valleys and geography of Iowa offer endless photographic opportunities.

Locally, I know Mahaska County well. My childhood jobs of driving farm equipment around the Des Moines and Skunk Rivers was good preparation for photographing the fields here. Being a landowner means I respect the land, always ask permission, and always ask the story of the place. Here, the stories are generations deep. You can’t buy that, and you don’t create that legacy overnight. It is an honor to photograph Iowan’s and their heritage.

When I’m not working on photography tasks, you’ll find me with some kids working on something outside, and when the kids are in bed, I’m reading. In between those two activities, I’m cooking, or reading about food, or asking my friends what they are making for supper.  I love to explore local food cultures, and teach kids to love to eat good food.  I host a women’s book club at my home once a month where we read best sellers and classics. I also love history, restoration projects, and off-road treks on four wheels or on my feet.